The story of sellers and Noodle Carts Devil

The age ahead and live a very old kara was regarded as the most difficult to survive. What lives in a metropolitan city like Kota Makassar, South Sulawesi.

As experienced Sikki Daeng Said. So, kokimganteng everyone would look at loving towards males aged 56 years living a kara.

However, the attitude remains Stoic and unshakeable principle Sikki. He has not lost hope despite his wife's death, while his kids are already married. They choose with their respective families.

Sikki who simply own in her everyday never succumbs to the circumstances. He survived by selling noodle around Road Maccini, Makassar, Makassar city.

Tens of years he pioneered the emperan effort, since 1982. With a capital of pas-pasan, he bought a used cart that is dull. Small businesses that currently persist amid the rigors of business competition in the city of Daeng mi.

Although only rely on the outskirts of the highway as a place to stay, noodle sold daily Sikki best-selling sweet. Moreover, he had a subscription to the faithful.

"I later open 10 pm Wita until that morning at 05.00 Wita. Thank God it never rest. Subscriptions a lot, sometimes they wait until I open the midnight sale, "said Sikki
' Devil ' Cart

As it turns out, many customers and the youth around call merchandise mi Sikki as ' Mi the devil '. In addition to selling because of the time that late at night until the morning. Also because there is a story behind the jualannya.

"Iya manggilnya kids ' mi the devil '. Because in addition to staying up late at night selling, selling carts also took the lives of people where there was a student who was again drunk bug cart selling. Ndak I know why all of a sudden the road myself this cart and immediately slammed into the student and died, "Sikki beber.

Over the incident, Sikki had detained and processed law at Polsek Panakukang Makassar. "Time police processed, I say not me who kills a child student, but my cart. Kok me on hold instead of carts that are being held, "said a smiling Sikki recall the thick of it.

Since that event, Sikki had slumped and undergo several months in detention cells. He now lives alone because her children had lived independently.

"It does not want to rely on the children because all already got married, had a child 3 and raised a family. Now I live alone since her mother (my wife) died, "said Sikki

The age is old certainly makes the activity of Sikki unlike time still young first with power is still strong.

"I'm old took a long time to prepare the sale. In this venture as well I do not pursue profit because all set the same Almighty God, "said Sikki.

A bowl of noodles is pegged for Rp to Rp 9000 3000. In addition to cheap, homemade noodle Sikki also tasty and still compete with other traders.

"Thank God every night merchandise-selling sweet," Sikki stated.